About us

What we do …

It all involves special kinds of clasps. We offer a huge variety of models to retailers and specialized shops and are able to respond to individual customer’s wishes – concerning material, surface and color. Thus, different types of colliers are created consisting of different kinds of shapes and colours made from materials such as Murano glass, pearls and stones. In addition to that we offer rings, earrings, clip pendants, and bracelets.

Most of our models are produced in Germany and their design is protected. Products of jewellery workshops of our European neighbours such as Italy complement our programme.

What we stand for …

  • Original and timeless design
  • Quality and functionality
  • Longevity
  • Exclusivity and uniqueness
  • Diversity of materials and shapes
  • Colours and simplicity: variegated understatement
  • Customer service and flexibility: customized products
  • Personal contact: owner-operated, family-run business
  • Responsibility
  • Support of local handcraft
  • Sustainability
  • Passion for what we are doing.

Where we come from …

Back then

It all started with antique jewellery. Gisela and Detlef Menard founded their undertaking in 1981, offering antique style jewellery to retailers in 1982. The philosophy of their company with the subtitle ”PASSÉ & AKTUELL“ was: While searching for the New, still taking the Old into account.


Still we combine local handcraft, functionality and a unique design to create a piece of high-quality jewellery. Protected clasps and earrings made in Germany are an important complement. Distintive necklaces are the result of a connection between the unique design of clasps and the color variety of the Murano glass beads. Still we hold on to the production sites in Pforzheim and Idar Oberstein where jewellery manufacturing has an outstanding tradition in Germany.



Such as entrepreneurial responsability and sustainability are not new to us but a natural process of a further development for our society and the corporate world to ensure the future ob the upcoming generations. Therefore we mainly use raw materials from sustainable sources as our refinery from Pforzheim exclusively utilizes recylced silver and gold. Also the production site Germany ensures a perfect implementation of working and ecological standard as well as short transport routes. We understand sustainabilty as a holistic concept and challenge to change. Hence we convert also an eco friendly packaging and print material made in Germany as well as carbon neutral shipping.

Where we want to go …

We welcome you to accompany us on our way to a mindful usage of our daily things. Therefore we offer jewellery with high quality to ensure longevity.