About us

What we do …

It all involves special kinds of clasps. We offer a huge variety of models to retailers and specialized shops and are able to respond to individual customer’s wishes/demands – concerning material, surface and colour. Thus, different types of colliers are created consisting of different kinds of shapes and colours made from materials such as Murano glass, pearls and stones. In addition to that we offer rings, earrings, clip pendants, and bracelets.

A good instinct for shapes and trends is reflected within the continuous additions to our existing collections.

Most of our models are produced in Germany and their design is protected. Products of jewellery workshops of our European neighbours such as Italy and France complement our programme.

What we stand for …

  • Original and timeless design
  • Quality and functionality
  • Longevity
  • Exclusivity and uniqueness
  • Diversity of materials and shapes
  • Colours and simplicity: variegated understatement
  • Customer service and flexibility: customized products
  • Personal contact: owner-operated, family-run business
  • Responsibility
  • Support of local handcraft
  • PASSÉ & AKTUELL: how to translate what has been learnt in the past into contemporary knowledge and to develop it even further
  • Passion for what we are doing.

Where we come from …

Back then

It all started with antique jewellery. Gisela and Detlef Menard founded their undertaking in 1981, offering antique style jewellery to retailers in 1982. The philosophy of their company with the sub-title ”PASSÉ & AKTUELL“ was: While searching for the New, still taking the Old into account.

After the first successful years, the search for the New continued. Since nothing persists. Over the years Gisela and Detlef Menard extended their collection, because they enjoy bringing together shapes, functionality and quality.


Since the beginning, a lot of products have changed. However, the idea of constantly developing the New further by taking the existing body of knowledge into account is still alive. We support the local handcraft and try – where possible – to source material from original origins/sources (e.g. Murano glass).

Where we want to go …


Buzzwords such as corporate responsibility and sustainability represent a natural evolution of society and of the private sector to us. However, in reference to industry-wide standards, the jewellery sector is still rather in its infancy. Henceforth, we want to source more and more sustainable materials, in order to not lose sight of the generations to come.

This does not only reflect our products. We understand sustainability as a holistic approach and challenge. That’s why we are trying to find sustainable solutions on all kind of levels and would like to actively set off: sustainable resources, environmentally friendly packaging material and carbon neutral shipping options are only some aspects we want to push forward step by step.

Sustainability is not new to us. Quality entails it automatically. But not far enough – we want to step forward this way… you are welcome to join us!

We will keep you up-dated on our website.

For any kind of ideas, tips and questions, we’d be happy if you contacted us via info@detlefmenard.de